Fine Jewelry

What does fine jewellery mean?

There is a thin line between fine, semi-fine, and fashion Jewellery. There are quite a few things that make it simple to understand the differences.

Fine jewellery – Fine Jewellery is made through valuable metal like platinum and gold and is set with the natural, precious gemstones that if you wear them, it makes to improve your personal branding. Funnily quite enough cultured pearls can be considered as the “gemstone.” These can be put in the organic category. Thus, these are also a part of the category of fine Jewellery.

Fashion Jewellery – The main composition of fashion Jewellery is mostly of different materials such as plastic. Manufacturers mainly copy expensive fine Jewellery after substituting expensive materials for the ones that are less expensive. Most often prices remain highly fashionable and stylized. A lot of costume pieces remain quite attractive and artful and they also command higher prices.

Nicer healthy Jewellery items such as noble metals and real gemstones are known as fine Jewellery. This is a valuable expensive version of imitative costume versions.

What does JB mean on Jewellery?

Sterling silver Jewellery by renowned Jewellery designer James K. Bowden has been stamped with the initials – JB, and with 3 linked diamonds representing rattlesnake (some type of Southern Californian Native American). According to James the pattern rattlesnake has a meaning as a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake once bit him!

What are the Best Jewellery Brands?

With a lot of dollars being spent annually in the market, you would want to consider making the first luxury Jewellery buying or adding it to your favourite collection. However, the confusion is from which fine Jewellery brands you should choose?

Here are the top Jewellery brands you must try:

Tiffany & Co. – Earlier known as Tiffany & Young, the company had fancy goods and stationery stores in New York. However, currently, this is a household name that has been in business since the year 1837. You can check out the annual collection Blue Book, which is since 1845.

Harry Winston – The famous Jewellery house was started in 1932 in New York City by Harry Winston. Soon he got crowned as “Jeweler to the Stars” and “King of Diamonds” after his premium quality Jewellery gained recognition.

Cartier – The premium Jewellery brand sells the finest and rarest pieces of Jewellery since 1847 and the brand also earned the reputation of “The King amongst all Jewelers,” after pioneering with the combination of rare pieces of diamond and platinum. They have a famous line of high-quality Jewellery such as their Love collection and Juste un Clou and Panthere.

Some unique collections by them are also widely renowned amongst celebrities with different variations in colour golds with diamond embellishment.

What is the Most Valuable Jewellery?

Coming to the range of best jewellery you can get the best, but the most famous and valuable among them is the bluestone 45.52 carats called Hope Diamond. According to experts, the unusual blue colouring is because of impurities from trace left by boron atoms.

There are huge lines of fine timeless pieces of jewellery that can be explored by the avid Jewellery aficionado who is always on the lookout for the most precious designer Jewellery pieces for themselves or their loved ones.