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Zita Stadelmann-Gsell


Most of the jewellery at Bold in Gold is the work of Zita Stadelmann-Gsell, a Swiss-trained master jeweller who has received high acclaim both in Australia as well as internationally.

  Born in Switzerland, Zita was educated at the School of Arts in Lucerne. Later she completed an intensive four year apprenticeship with the well known Goldsmith Rene Liffert.  It was then that her talents first won her major recognition when she won the National Skill Olympics title in Switzerland.
In 1981, Zita migrated to Australia and her unique designs and superbly crafted jewellery  won her further recognition with first prize in the very prestigious Australian Jewellery Design Awards.   Since then Zita has gone on to win many prizes and awards as well as a discerning circle of loyal clients which extends far beyond Australian borders.  
  Zita’s work has a definite European flavour yet her designs are not culture specific, but rather individualistic.  Closer scrutiny reveals an impressive technical virtuosity.  Zita is impressed by clear lines and strong forms, often favouring the delicate combination of both gold and silver, thus uniting strength and warmth. 

Unique gems displaying unusual cuts appeal to her and she does not shy away from incorporating triangular or freeform settings in her pieces.  Sapphires, Tourmaline and Opals hold a particular fascination because of their colour spectrum, as do white and coloured diamonds for their brilliance.

Escaping the city, Zita and her husband Erwin travelled Australia and were attracted by Queensland‘s climate and opportunities.  They were greatly impressed by the abundance of artistic skills on the Sunshine Coast and neighbouring Hinterland and decided to settle in Maleny.  Within 18 months Bold in Gold was established and has been a showcase for both fine art and Zita’s exquisite jewellery since 1993.


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