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Noela Mills

"Not Just A Pretty Line" - Online Art Exhibition - click here!

     "I love working with abstract ideas and images.  Some are based on landscapes; some are based on ancient cultures; some are simply explorations of design.  I am especially inspired by texture and line.  I see these elements all around me in the natural and man made environments, often in close up detail.  I can be motivated by the texture of bark on a tree, or the lines and shadows created by a tangle of wire.  I try to translate the 'essence' of the inspiration onto canvas, through a varied range of media.  My personal evolution physically, emotionally and spiritually is tied to this creative process."
   "My working materials are often weird and wonderful.  I use discarded objects such as bits of rusty tin, rope washed up on the beach, old tea bags and pre-loved fabrics, but I usually tie the elements together with sheets of recycled paper pulp, coloured with paints, dyes, waxes and metallic foils.  I prefer to use earthy, organic colour schemes as I find these to be an honest and noble reflection of nature, and of the natural decay process which happens to discard inorganic materials."

   "To me, my found objects have their own history and contribute energy to the artwork.  I try to tap in to the spirit of the object, allowing it to 'talk' to me.  The work evolves even further as the viewer adds his or her own interpretation to the piece, forging its links between myself, the objects, the viewer, and the eternal creative energy force."


Born 1949, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Diploma of Teaching, Melbourne State College, 1970.
Diploma of Art & Design. Bendigo C.A.E., 1977.
Bachelor of Education, Melbourne State College, 1981.

From 1990:    Tutor at many residential art schools and art groups throughout Australia.
                         Artist in residence in schools and galleries.
1970 - 1990:   Art/Craft teacher in Victorian Secondary Schools.

1990 - 2004:  "Contexture" - Darwin, NT.
                        "The Colour of Night" - Fairfield City Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
                        "Exposure" - Tamworth, NSW.
                        "Australian Cotton Fibre Expo" - Narrabri, NSW.
                        "Maleny Art Awards" - Maleny, QLD.
                        "Miniature Textiles National" - Beechworth, VIC.
                        "Insects" - Fairfield City Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
                        "Big and Bold, Small and Exquisite" - Fairfield City Gallery, Sydney, NSW.
                        "Turning Point" - Caloundra Regional Gallery, Caloundra, QLD.
                        "Momento Awards" - Brisbane, QLD.

"The Sound Of Line, The Taste Of Texture" - Noosa Regional Gallery, QLD, 1999.
"The Spirit Of Fibre Montage" - Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, Brisbane, QLD, 1997.
"Lemuria, A Personal Vision" - Beechworth, VIC.
"Lemuria - Fibre Montage" - Artworks Gallery, Nungurner, VIC.

2003:  - Winner of the Mixed Media section at the Maleny Art Awards.
            - Winner of the Miniature section at the Maleny Art Awards.

1998:  - Cultural Grant from Caloundra City Council to attend as 'Artist in Residence' at Ayers Rock Resort.

1996:  - Overall Winner of the Maleny Art Awards.
            - Winner of the Abstract section at the Maleny Art Awards.

1995:  - State Winner of the National Billy Can Competition.
            - Highly Commended at the Dame Nancy Buttfield Embroidery Prize.
            - First Prize for Craft in Fibre section at the Caloundra Arts & Crafts Festival.

Noela is represented in private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas, including Monash University, VIC; Marriot Hotel, Brisbane; Legends Hotel, Gold Coast; Hamilton Island Resort, QLD; Ayers Rock Resort, NT.



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