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Jack Wilms


Jack was born in Cowra, New South Wales, but spent most of his childhood in Germany. Upon his return to Australia in 1983, he travelled this country extensively seeking to re-establish the bond to the land of his birth.

Jack's skill in working the timber the way he does results from a combination of creativity, hard work and deep respect for the timber he loves most, Australian Red Cedar.

All his skills are self-taught. whatever his creation might be, he is able to bring the best of every inch of Cedar because he can see and fully understand the natural beauty of the grain in what might just be an ordinary piece of timber to some.   

  His work touches all subjects of life and he is well known for his contemporary work, as well as his love for Australian native wildlife.

Jack's work is sculpted in his studio on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. His works can be found at "Bold in Gold" in Maleny and "Antipodes" in New York. 


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