About Us

Bold in Gold’s story (since 1983)
Welcome to Bold in Gold online, our home on the internet. If it is your first time hearing of us, welcome! We hope that one day you will make the trip to our beautiful gallery in Montville, tucked Australia’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast Hinterland; in the meantime, welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Bold in Gold – Jewelry
Our name says it all- at Bold in Gold, most of our team is composed of expert goldsmiths. This is very different from the average jeweller and jewellery store; all of our craftspeople truly value the art and beauty of goldsmithing. We work hard to design beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery, each one a product of the individuality of the people who created it. They are all expert Master Jewelers, and they are at the top of their field. They have been making beautiful jewellery by hand for decades, and approach each piece with pride and love.

All of the pieces that leave our shop are made of only the highest quality gems and materials. This goal is a key part of our mission and its something that we are careful to live up to. To make sure that we do, we employ a fully credited gemologist. This gemologist has a degree in Diamond Technology, and have a fully equipped, state of the art laboratory, for the express purpose of ensuring our gems are of the top quality possible. And this is not the only person on our staff with these kinds of qualifications; all of our craftspeople are carefully trained to be sure they produce the best quality jewellery. We are fully dedicated to giving you the jewellery that you love- we put all our skill, expertise, and integrity towards this goal- but on the off chance that you are not happy with your jewellery, we offer complete money-back guarantee.

Bold in Gold – The Art
As seriously as we take our jewellery, it is not all that we do. We are also very passionate about the visual arts, so to reflect this, we also run the Bold in Gold Fine Art Gallery. We created this gallery as a way to showcase some of our area’s brightest artists, and we are proud to offer them a greater platform. And it isn’t just paintings, either; we host a wide variety of art, from landscape paintings to pottery and sculptures, and even some very interesting 3d framed art. This ensures that there is something at our gallery for everybody; whether you appreciate art, or are in the market to invest in or purchase art, our gallery should be on your list.
?It is located in Montville, in the heart of Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland. It is accessible from a brief, beautiful drive from either Noosa or Brisbane. And our gallery isn’t the only spot of interest in Montville; the town is renowned as a hotbed of talented artists, and it is home for a number of internationally respected artists. We look forward to seeing you there!